In life bad choices earn bad consequences, the same should go for if you post something negative or inappropriate and in turn get kicked off a extracurricular team or club.  If a child is being rude to someone else, or even causes the child to feel down about themselves then a short suspension would be the most appropriate thing for the workers of the activity to do. Kids all over are being bullied and the bullies are getting away with it and living their lives like normal when there should be consequences. Threats are a whole different thing, no one should ever be worried for their safety in our country. Those who do make threats should if not be arrested should 100% for sure be kicked off in activity. The safety of someone else should ALWAYS be put in front of an activity that someone does outside of school. My last point is that people making fun of deaths or natural disasters should also be suspended. For example, after a student drowned in the Atlantic Ocean a teacher posted on  Facebook, “After today, I am thinking the beach sounds like a wonderful idea for my 5th graders? I HATE THEIR GUTS! They are all devil spawns!” Christine Rubino said. (quoted by Micheal Gonchar article on Should What You Say On Facebook Be Grounds for getting Fired?) This type of behavior should of been punished because she was poking fun at the death of a child and of her students which is not a joke.  Once again, bad happenings should require a suspension to never being let back on the team again to show a consequence to the child to make sure it doesn’t happen again.