Scary Suprise and Citing Sources Help

Activity 1:                                Citing sources can be tricky, one mess up and you could be in trouble for plagiarism. There are always a couple of things that you should remember when you see a good picture for you page or a quote from somewhere that you want to use for your blog or website. One key step is to say who created the picture or who took it, you don’t what it to seem that you created the picture instead say who took it and give them the FULL credit. Another important step is to give the website where you got the picture or video from.  The more information you give about the person and/or website the better you’ll be. Now for Halloween I created a poem about a pumkin patch:


Activity 2:   Scary Suprise

Pumpkin Patch and Moon 3739 D Jim Choate via Compfight


My friends and I walk around in a pumpkin patch.

A lil’ spooky, a little scary,

                Following my friends seeing what the adventure creates.

Thud! I hear behind me, and I turn quickly.

Wondering what the noise was, and then I find someone’s missing!

Now that’s  the cue to flee, but I’m looking for my missing friend.

” Tricked you!” My friend says jumping out from behind a tree.

Oh what a Halloween scare, no more perfect of a place.

Then in a scary, creepy pumpkin patch!



















2 thoughts on “Scary Suprise and Citing Sources Help

  1. Hi Madison, thank you for the good idea. I totally agree that a cliff hanger would of made it more interesting. If I do something similar to this I will 100% use that idea. I also read your poem on your page and thought it was excellent! Thank you for the helpful feedback!


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